Our School - Attendance

Attendance is a very important factor in your child’s education.This has been identified in the Forrest Report commissioned in 2014.
School attendance is monitored on a number of levels to ensure children are not put at risk of failing to learn to read, write and count. A child’s attendance should be above 90% but it is recommended that children attend between 95% and 100% of the time (less than 2 days absent each term).
Attendance is monitored in the following ways;
  • Classroom – teachers are responsible for collecting genuine reasons for absences,
  • School – principals are responsible for monitoring unexplained, lengthy, and frequent absences,
  • Education Department – monitors the level of attendance at each school to ensure children are attending school and asks schools to provide a reason when absences are high.

Has your child been away from school in the last 3 weeks??

New changes to the way attendance is recorded by schools, means that if you did not provide a reason for the absence your child's attendance will be marked as 'unacceptable'. To change this please contact the school to provide reasons for your child's absence. If you need a list of absences, please call the office.


  • Note to the classroom teacher
  • Phone call to the school office 90919097 
  • Email the school
  • Attendance letter returned to the school
  • Skoolbag app available at the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play Market
  • Website via the Contact Us button on the school website 
It is important that parents communicate with the school regarding the reason for absences. We appreciate that sometimes absences can be of a private and confidential nature; however a reason must be recorded by law. Please do not hesitate to contact the Attendance Officer if you would prefer to discuss an absence in private.
To clear the absence reasons please call our Attendance Officer during school hours on 90919097 or by one of the methods listed above.
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