Our School - Principal's Message

O’Connor PS has been operating since 1996 and we are proudly an Independent Public School.  As a staff, we pride ourselves in the development of the whole child.  Values and social skills are an important part of the school curriculum and we are focused on providing an inclusive education for all students.  There are many special events planned for the year, including sporting carnvials, performances and incursions.   I am sure all students will enjoy the events throughout the year.
Parents are encouraged to be involved and we welcome all input and involvement in the school as your child progresses through their primary education.   A strong partnership between home and school is essential to maximise your child’s opportunities and growth.  Please do not hesitate in contacting your child’s teacher or Admin if you have any queries.  I look forward to sharing all the fun activities and celebrating success with you throughout the year.

Steve Delfs