Our School - Employment

Applying for a job


O'Connor Primary School is an Independent Public School and merit selects staff when required. This is different to many schools in Western Australia where teachers, and other staff are appointed or transferred through a centralised approach by the Department of Education.

At OPS teachers apply for positions advertised on the Department's jobs web site. Positions are advertised when a vacancy occurs; generally in the second semester of each year for the following year. Applicants must address the selection criteria in the context of the school and the position description. Suitable applications are placed in a pool and apointed on a needs basis. The process has enabled the school to select outstanding staff members who are closely matched to the school’s ethos and purpose.

Please check the Department's jobs web site for the next applications.

Relief teachers are always in demand. If you are looking for relief work please email the school to provide your details.


Education Assistant

Education Assistants work along side teaching staff assisting Students with Special Needs or in the Early Childhood classrooms. Most Education Assistants work on a part time basis across a number of days. Relief Education Assistants are always in demand. If you are looking for relief work please email the school to provide your details.

Vacancies arise at varying times throughout the year and are listed on the Jobs WA website.