Our Community - Traffic Safety

 We remind all school community members to take care when navigating the roads and areas around the school. O’Connor Primary School strives to keep all children and community members safe because we know that accidents do happen from time to time despite all the measure that are put in place. Teachers model and plan road and traffic safety lessons as part of the Health Curriculum and teach these on a regular basis. We will be reminding children to use the paths and watch out for traffic around the school and we ask that parents also follow this advice.
Please take extra care when driving on roads around the school at high use times such as before and after school. Like roads, car parks can be a dangerous place for pedestrians and we recommend using the designated car parking areas; Oasis Recreation Centre, Oasis Playing Fields and the marked car bays around the school. Please do not park in the staff car park or the area behind the canteen off Osmetti Drive.
Please remember that children do not look out for cars and traffic as their peripheral vision does not develop fully until they are young adults. A tip sheet is attached to help parents talk to their children about road and car safety.

Children'sSafety Awareness - Kids webpage
Road Safety Commission WA - advice for parents from the WA government.