Our Community - P&C


General Information
The P & C is a team, whose purpose, above all else, is to serve and promote the interests of the students.
The P & C helps you and your children by:
•     Giving you an opportunity to learn about the school’s policies and programs
•     Organising ways in which parents can share in shaping and developing those school policies and programs
•     Bringing parents together to share formation and views
•     Assisting the school to build positive attitudes to students and their families
•     Helping stimulate community interest and participation in education
•     Raising funds to provide additional resources and amenities for benefit of our children
We meet at the school, in the staff room at 7pm, once a month. (for dates see the Term Calander.) Members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as they possibly can.
2017 Meeting dates:

20th February
20th March AGM

P&C AGM on 20th March at 7pm
15th May
19th June
21st August
18th September
16th October
20th November
In past years we have used our funds to donate various things to the school such as printers, screens, play equipment, shade covers, book awards, choir shirts, laptop trolleys and new ground cover for playgrounds such as synthetic turf.
Whilst you are under no obligation to take on any roles of the P & C committee, we would like to encourage you to come along to our meetings and participate in any way you feel capable.
P&C AGM on 20th March at 7pm 3rd March
Being a member of the P & C can be a very rewarding experience.
More information is available through the school office and we look forward to welcoming.
Download the P&C Brochure

P&C Initiatives
The P&C work closely with the school to provide funding for special programs that improve the education of children.
Early Childhood Speaking and Listening Program - is a fantastic opportunity for parents and children to improve their child's learning in English. Long before children can read, speaking and listening learning must occur. The P&C have purchased books that can be taken home to share with the familiy and improve the opportunity for families to talk and listen together. For more information please see the parent letter.
Grounds Improvement is always needed and the P&C have worked incredibly hard to assist in creating a pleasant and friendly environment for children and families. One of these ways is by providing funding for some of the artifical turf around the school. In the harsh Kalgoorlie environment this type of ground covering is essential. Children enjoying eating their lunch and playing in these areas, some classe even use the space as a nice alternative to indoors sitting at desks.   

Contact the P&C

The P&C meet on Monday's once a month. Details can be found in the Term Calendar.
Comments and questions about nformation and details can be directed to the P&C president - Racheal Neighbour, via email.
Download the P&C Brochure