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Kindy lunches,

EC3: Mother's Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 21st birthday celebrations 1, 2,

EC6: Goannas beginning, Goannas, fun, Goannas fulltime, Kangaroos beginning, Kangaroos fulltime, Goannas outside fun, fine motor skills, 3 little pigs, Kangaroos at play, Kangaroos respectful play, ANZAC Day preparations, Goannas so busy, Goannas, Goannas at play, Kangaroos easter egg hunt, Goannas 1, 2, Kangaroos at work and play, rhyming day 1, 2, Kangaroos picnic day, Goannas rabbit visit 1, 2, Kangaroos playing, learning about sound, Goannas playing 1, 2, Goannas using maths and english, Kangaroos using maths and english, Goannas 19.09, Goannas 19.09 2, Goannas 10.10, gingerbread, chickens 1, 2, Goannas Book Week 1, 2, 3, 4, Goannas letter p, Goannas letter t, Goannas August 1, 2, 3, Goannas being creative, EC6 Term 3, Kangaroo numbers, Kangaroos yoga, EC6 numbers, Kangaroo writing, Goannas Oct 17, Goannas Oct 31, Kangaroos play, Kangaroos rainy day, EC6 fairy land,

EC7: Emus first day 1, Emus first day 2, Joeys first day 1, Joeys first day 2, Joeys second week, Emus second week, Emus funny face biscuits, Joeys funny face biscuits, Emus having green fun, Emus having purple fun, Joeys having blue fun, Joeys having purple fun, egg and spoon, black bubble blowing 1 and 2, colour orange 1 and 2, Joeys fun at kindy, Joeys ANZAC biscuits, Emus ANZAC biscuits, Emus soldiers, Joeys soldiers, Emus pizza, Joeys pizza, Emus and buddy class, Emus and their buddies 1, 2, Joeys Mother's Day, Emus Mother's Day 1, 2, drawing with buddies, emus made bread, joeys made bread, Emus Cat in the Hat, Joeys Cat in the Hat, Emus marshmallow tower, rhyming day 1, 2, 3, 4, Joeys marshmallow catapult, Joeys picnic day 1, 2, Joeys and slime, Emus and slime, letter S, playing hospital, Emus made apples, Joeys made apples, sound of the week, Joeys pizza and pjs, letter T, letter P, Emus pizza and pjs 1, 2, porridge 1, 2,



Pre Primary

EC 1: Fairy bread, slime, Mother's Day pampering, EC1 and their buddies, jungle animals, 100 days, coding,

EC 3: First day 1, first day 2, rhyming day 1, 2,

EC 4: First day 1, first day 2, Harmony Day, patterns, Easter hats 1, 2, 3, hot chocolate 1, 2, swimming lessons, rainbow toast, 100 days 1, 2,

EC 5: Enormous turnip, Teddy Bears Picnic,



Year One

Water Fun Day 1, Water Fun Day 2,

Room 1: Fun Friday, cooking, Glitter germs, Sea aquarium 1, 2, 3,

Room 2: Room 2 First day, Maths rotations, addition facts, bubble wrap artwork, tricky teen numbers, Easter egg marble print, shamrocks, Week 9 awards, Anzac Ted portrait, Glitter germs, subtraction bowling, tricky sounds, fruity rockets, 100 days, 100 days party, Book Week,

Room 3: Room 3 Plenty of glee 1, 2, place value, glitter germs, measurement,

Room 5: Room 5 Buddy class, Friendship, International Women's Day, glitter germs, telling the time,

Room 6: Week 6 merit winners, Week 9 certificates, Week 2 awards, glitter germs, music composers, surface area, iPad maths, gingerbread men, area maths, October merit awards,




Year Two

Water Fun Day 1, Water Fun Day 2,

Room 8: Exploring 3D shapes 1, 2, 3, animal poo at the zoo, beebots, code robots, glitter germs, The Rainbow Snake, pyjama day,

Room 9: Bunny art, STEM challenge, swimming, glitter germs, Book Week door winners,

Room 20: Andy Warhol, Andy Warhol 2, award winners, designing aeroplanes, STEM, STEM homework, Week 6 superstars, Water Fun Day 1 and 2, measuring, Constable Care, Happy Easter, procedure writing, STEM challenge, Week 2 Superstars, Week 4 awards, STEM challenge, Week 6 superstars, first day of swimming, bird colours artwork, STEM challenge 1, 2, glitter germs, acceptance, STEM challenge 5, superstars, Term 3 Week 2 superstars, STEM challenge 6, acrostic poems, Book Week parade, robots, Term 4 Week 1 superstars,

Room 21: Special visitor, pancakes, Week 4 merit winners, Week 4 superstars, Flubber, easter bunny, Week 9 Principals Award winners, Principals Awards, Week 6 awards, Week 4 awards, glitter germs, 21st cupcakes 1, 2, Captain Mark, sushi, rice paper rolls 1, 2,




Year Three

Water Fun Day 1, Water Fun Day 2, NAPLAN quiz 1, 2,

Room 7: Morning Fitness, STEM, Getting to know you bingo, maths, persuasive writing, Happy Easter, Term 1 assembly winners, mystery money, pass the parcel, STEM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, book reviews, contributing, design a paper plane, newstelling, paper planes, procedure writing, secret numbers, 100 days of school, author visit, athletics carnival 1, 2, Book Week, Father's Day, team work,

Room 10:Friendship, STEM and maths, procedure writing, 100 days, area and perimeter,

Room 11: STEM challenge, STEM and maths, procedure writing, STEM bucket tower, 100 challenge 1, 2, 3, author visit,

Room 15: Thinking hard, getting savvy, EC5 buddies, mindfulness, buddies writing, EC 5 buddies, Who Sank the Boat, buddy easter egg hunt, marshmallow catapult, 21st birthday, Book Week,




Year Four

ANZAC exhibition, Twits incursion,

Room 26: Friends, Week 5 merit winners, multiplication monster, happy Easter, Constable Care, 100% attendance, report writing, art, Week 3 Stars of the Week, Kite design, stars of the week,

Room 27: Jump Jam, marshmallow catapults, making boats, narratives, technology,

Room 28: Perimeter, games afternoon, cosmic yoga, science push pull, elements of art, T&E, times tables, paper birds,




Year Five

Year 5 NAPLAN problem solving, NAPLAN quiz, NAPLAN quiz winners,

Room 18: Week 3 award winners, Week 5 merit winners,

Room 19: Swimming 1, 2, STEM circuit challenge,

Room 29: Joffa 1, Joffa 2, swimming lessons,

Room 30: Library, Joffa 1, Joffa 2, STEM challenge 1, 2, swimming 1, 2, buddies, buddies drawing, building bridges 1, 2, finished product 1, 2, 3, marshmallow towers 1, 2,




Year Six

Room 22: Science eruptions, Joffa, 22 and EC1 kebabs, catapults, iMovie, mindfulness colouring, problem solving, iPads,

Room 23: Fitness, Harmony Day, Joffa, 21st birthday,

Room 24:  Room 24 Buddy class, maths rotations, STEM, design a stadium,

Camp photos: Pic collage 1, 2, 3, acrobatics, cool dudes, escalator, group photo, movies, Perth Zoo 1, 2, 3,




Hand sports club - marbles, Pamper Club, Pamper Club 2, Camping Club, Rock and Water Club, Frisbee Club, Clay Modelling Club, Hand Sport Club, Photography Club 1, Photography Club 2, Cooking Club pancakes, Adventure Club water fight, Adventure Club love s'mores, Painting Club, Music Club, Paint Club, Boot Camp 1, 2, camping club, Nature Club, Team Building Club, Transition Club,

Special Events

Year 6 Spirit of ANZAC, Year 4 ANZAC excursion, Year 6 spellathon, Goldfields Giants, Sea of Hands 1, 2, 3, 4, EC6 NAIDOC Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, NAIDOC Day 1, 2, 3, junior face painting 1, 2, senior dot painting,

Physical Education

Daily fitness,Goldfields Cup, Girls footy 1, 2, Active Club, Footy Academy lunch, Eagles Cup awards, Interschool cross country team, girls football, Western Force visit, teacher vs student footy,

Humanities and Senior Sciences