Noticeboard - Booklists

Each year all parents are requested to make a number of payments towards their child’s education. These payments include Personal Use Items (booklists), Contributions and Charges. This letter is to explain the costs that you can expect to incur throughout the year.

The school has selected Office Max to assist with the distribution of student requirements. Our unique school code is W7NC2E

The Personal Use Items are now available and have been sent home via Skoolbag email and are also available on the app. If you have not received yours please download from here.
All instructions are enclosed in the Personal Use Items documents above. Please note these specific rules by Office Max
  1. Orders must be placed online by the 17th of December to ensure delivery before the start of school.
  2. Orders placed before 3rd December will get free delivery before the end of 2017.
  3. Orders placed between the 4th of December and the 17th of December incur a fee of $9.95 each and wont be delivered until late January 2018
  4. Orders place after the 17th December incur a $9.95 and cannot be delivered before the start of school.
  5. The Personal Items packs will be delivered by Australia Post eparcel service. A specific time and date can not be requested.
Office Max offer a back to school made easy plan. Please call Office Max for all enquiries 1800 004427.
If you have missed the cut off date there are two options -
1. Download the booklists from here and take it to an Office Max store. You will need to self-select the items from the shelf.
2. Download the booklists from here and purchase the items at an alternative store such as a supermarket or stationery supplier.
Please remember that ordering through Office Max assists the school with fundraising as Office Max reward the school with a donation determined by the number of orders received from our students after orders are placed. Thank you for supporting our school.