Welcome to O'Connor Primary School.   

Below are links to Information for Enrolment and an Application to Enrol which can be emailed, faxed or hand delivered to the front office of our school. 

Once the application form has been received you will be contacted and if required, sent an enrolment pack through the mail.  Please ensure that you have a copy of your child/children’s birth certificate and immunisation record available to be sighted by staff.

If you would like to be sent an enrolment pack please contact the front office on 90919097 or email the school, or download the information and application form and forward to the school. 

Kindy Enrolments

Next year's enrolments close on the 31st of July.
Eligible for Kindy in;
2016 - born between 1st July 2011and 30th June 2012
2017 - born between 1st July 2012 and 30th June 2013
2018 - born between 1st July 2013 and 30th June 2014
2019 - born between 1st July 2014 and 30th June 2015
Please see information about pre-kindy Play Parties - for children not yet eligible for Kindy.

School Boundaries

Please note our school intake boundaries click here. For google maps please click here.